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China tours is necessary for many attractions

China tours is very thrilling.  It is one of the best countries to visit. Almost everybody of us has heard the name of China. China is a vast country. So the natural beauties of China are very diverse. Desert, mountain, fountain, river, available inseaavailable in China. Top 20 tourist attractions are given blew for your choosing.



A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the mountains are about 1863 meter high. The mountains are famous for oddly shaped pines, rock formations, hot springs and nice weather, Climate. People who want to go different countries to visit should visit here

How to go? Many cities connected to Huangshan Airport by direct flights including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xi’an.



A major and popular tourist spot in South-east China. This place was used for the development os Confucianism influential since the 11th century. In this place nature is silent, green the weather is sunny and cold.Two hours, eight kilometers trips provide grand views of Mount Wuyi.  It is the best away to see the beauty and enjoy clean water. Other main attraction is Bamboo raft drafting on the Nine Bend River. Travelers who are crazy about countries to visit should visit here.

Nearby cities: South eastFuzhou southeast, it is the provincial capital of Fujian. Major cities are directly connected to Fuzhou by flights.


countries to visit

China desert

Gobi is measured 1600 km from South to North and 800 km from east to west. The Gobi includes desert and semi-desert area from the foot of Pamirs. The Goby is a cold desert, frost and occasionally snow occurs here. Some parts of this desert are 910-1520 meters high from the sea level. Because of this , isthe temperature of this desert is very low. Average annually rain falls in Goby desert is 194 millimeters.  Winter temperature is -40c and summeare 45c.

The weather of Gobi changes rapidly. The Gobi desert is a source of many important fossil finds, Inspitesuch as DinosaurIn spite of harsh conditions there are many animals such as black-tailed gazelles, marbled polecats, wild Bactrian camels, Mongolian wild ass. There are also snow leopards, brown bear, wolves etc. There are many natural park in The Gobi. Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, Great Gobi A and Great Gobi B Strictly Protected Area are the main natural park in The Gobi. By seeing this type of dangerous beauties people go to different countries to visit.


The Park is in the heshigten banner,210 km northwest of the urban area of Chifeng city, and 400km from Beijing. It is surrounded by many several geographic mountains. The Park has a mineral hot spring bath area.The Qingshan granite mortars area is a  place where the landscape of glacial potholes similar to giant’s kettles. These are round pits in the rock, that is made of whirlpool-like swirling water during The two-square-kilometer area. This area contains over 300 potholes ranging in size from 50 cm to a few meters, with shapes resembling pots, jars, spoons, buckets, and basins.


A famous historical UNESCO World Site, themelocated at 338 Liuyuan Rd. Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China. The garden is 23,310 m2. It is divided into four distinthemed sections. The central is older, rest area of the garden is full of building and primary features.


It is in Jiangsu, China.Surface area is 2,250 km2 (869 sq mi) an the average depth is 2.5 m. The lake is linked to Grand Canal and the original source of many rivers. The lake is famous for limestone formations at the foot adjacent of mountains. This lake is best seen from dragon lite pagoda. From this pagoda, you can see to lake near you very nicely. Here are many fishing spots where you can catch fish.

 Who likes China tours know the beauty of Namsto lake. It is another popular lake in Tibet, It’sChina. It is a salt lake. The lake is surrounded by snow mountain Its. length is 70 km, width is 30 km, surface area is1920square km and average depth 33m. this lake is 4,718 m high from sea level. Five islands of this lake has increased it’s beauty more. At summer time birds gather here in plenty, beautiful scenery of this lake charms the traveler most. For  natural elements, historical and anthropological background many famous director  and actor works here.


Xiangshan is at western part of Zhangjiagang city. It is a very attractive place to the travelers.

Area of this hill is 4.37 square kilometers and altitude is 136.6 meters. there are a huge variety of trees  such as -Pinus Massoniana, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Bamboo and many local trees. Medicinal herbs are in plenty around this hill. Many poets and writers have written about this hill in their books.

 Three  Gorges: The best hill spot in China. It is in Hubei province. This place attracts global attention due to the Gorge Dam. This Dame is changing the culture and environment. Gorge region has a length of 120 km.

Tiger Hill: It is a popular destination. It is known for it’s beauty and historical sites. It was named such because  it looks like a crouching tiger. It’s location is in Suzhou, in China. The hill is parallel with Lion mountain. If you likes countries to visit ,Tiger hill is a perfect place for you.


countries to visit

An urban park in Shanghai,in China.It’s on  Nanjing Roadand North of people square. The former Shanghai Race Club  has turned  as people park at present. The British established it in 1862. It was a leading horse race area. In winter the park is focus of students protests. Ten thousands of protests gather here in winter. The park location is near to Museums ,a large pond and several other attractions. Inside this park there are hundreds of buildings as hotels and spot view location. English corner is another famous location in the park.


It is in Jiangsu, China. his city is very old,both historical and beautiful. Twin bridge in this historical  place is main attraction. This city is divided in different  parts by lakes and rivers.Many stone bridge are on the lake and rivers. Fuan bridge is another attraction. Shenhouse is also a famous spot. The whole house is full of architecture. Milou Tower is also very popular. It is a famous place because rallying of literators in previous time.


Large public square in China. It is south of Nanjing Road and north of Huaihai road. This square is a site of  government headquarters building. In previous The Chinese used this place for horse racing


China Tours


Jiuzhaigous is the best beautiful in China. It is  in the Sichun province,China, a World Heritage Site and a very beautiful valley. Weather is very good. Annual average temperature is 8c. China tours  are very amazing for this place.


countries to visit

Wall of China

Great wall of China is a series of fortification. The wall is made of woo d,stone, brick, wood, tamped earth and other materials. The Chinese people made it to protect China from Mongolian attack. Other purpose to build the wall was to control the borders. This wall is 21,196 km expanded from west-northern to north-eastern. It is the most famous and popular tourist attraction. Million of traveler come China to see this UNESCO’S World Heritage Site every year.

China tours for HONG KONG

Hong Kong is a special  for China tours. It is a very digital area. This city is in east Asia and the main business spot of this region. This province is very crowded . It ranks the world 4th densely populated area.Total population is 7.3 million and area is 1,106 square kilometers.But the whole place is neat and clea n,silent; the hong kong city is very nice like Singapore. Different nations has ruled this province at different times. British colony has ruled this area for many years. The British transferred sovereignty of Hong Kong to China in 1997.


There are many theme park in China. Among them Minsk World is more popular to the visitor. It was a military theme park, in Dapeng Bay, Shatoujiao, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.  This park is changing . However Beijing Shijinshan amusement park is also a popular amusement park.


Sichuan Giant Panda: This place is famous world-wide. This Panda complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is  in Southwest Sichun province of China. About 30% of giant panda you will find here.

 Finally I will suggest you to visit China ocean aquariums, because here you will find all kinds beautiful sea animals. The museum is  in China. Know about China Travel rules

People who like China Tours, can enjoy China beauty very much.








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