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china travel tips

china travel tips are very important for the visitors

China is one of the most countries to visit.The famous China is a wonder of the world. It is quite different in culture, nature, history, economy from other countries. Now, chinaI  am informing you aChina to make your travel easy and helpful. china travel tips will help you to make a success travel.


china travel tips  at a glance

china travel tips

China’s overall visitors have taken off to a critical 28 million out of 2016. It is said that in less than 10 years, the country will transform into the essential vacationer objective with the world’s greatest number of visitors. Have you got a wander plan to visit this country in your cerebrum? Might you want to have connect with this country and know her phenomenal interest? Here we exhibit some sensible China travel tips, helping you know the ABC’s of the country, better make a game plan before departure, and oversee emergencies or anything bizarre while voyaging. If you pick us, we will put everything hanging in the balance offer awesome organization and impeccable hearted China visit tips and direction.

China Facts

China is reputed as the most prepared consistent human advance on the planet. Its novel culture and conventions make it a captivating spot for passing by. Before setting foot on this enchanting zone, you are suggested knowing a couple of convictions about the country.

Major Facts

Full Name: The People’s Republic of China

Chinese Name: 中华人民共和国 (zhōng huá rén mín gòng hé guó)

Domain: 9,600,000 sq km (3,706,580 sq mi)

Masses: 1.37 billion (2014)

Range: focus and east Asia, restricted on the east by the Pacific Ocean

Capital: Beijing

Chinese People

Country Description

China is a standout amongst the most timely spots where humankind started. In front of plan for the 21st Century BC, China entered the heritable imperial stage. Having experienced Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and various other turbulent conditions, the country finally completed the primitive society and the People’s Republic of China was set up in 1949. By and by it is developing energetically, transforming into an essential money related compel on the planet.


Arranged in east Asia and along the west shoreline of the Pacific, China covers a zone of 9,600,000 sq km (3,706,580 sq mi), being the third greatest country on the planet. Generally it has a landform sliding from the larger amounts and uneven ranges in the west to the lower fields and coastline domains in the east.

china travel tips on Chinese People

They are the greatest nationality on the planet. Since the most prompt recorded conditions, they have lived, copied and works in this land. In the midst of the couple of thousand years’ progression, they have made marvelous responsibility regarding the world as a result of their knowledge and driving forward. The impelled agribusiness and deliver, and furthermore the Four Great Inventions, have awed and shocked the world.

Chinese Names

Chinese Language

Chinese Language

They are made out of the surnames and the given names. The major wellsprings of surnames begin from the going with cases: to begin with, in matriarchal gathering society, people took their mothers’ given name as the family name, for instance, 姬 (Ji), 姚 (Yao) and 姜 (Jiang); second, in the evacuated past, the adored living creatures were taken as the family names, as 牛 (Niu), 马 (Ma) and 羊 (Yang); third, the forerunners’ country names were taken as the family names, for instance, 宋 (Song), 秦 (Qin), 赵 (Zhao) and 吴 (Wu). The given names routinely interface with incredible wills, and men’s given names are generally exceptional in connection to women’s.

Chinese Language

Chinese people convey in mandarin (Putong Hua, Hanyu, Huayu, Guoyu, standard Chinese) which relies upon Beijing Dialect. From the etchings on prophet bones in the Shang Dynasty, it is assumed that the game plan of Chinese characters has a foundation set apart by more than 3,000 years. Its change can be detached into two critical periods: from etchings on prophet uncertain issues seal content, and from Li calligraphy to display day character.

Chinese Etiquette

Being a state of administrations, China takes the respectability as a basic bit of its standard culture. The advance of etiquette, rich in content, has had remarkable effect to the history and headway of its overall population, and it essentially soaks all parts of the obsolete society. Furthermore, provided with the 5,000 years of human headway, Chinese are known to the world for their neighborliness and extraordinary lead.

Formal Dress in China

Formal Dress

China Time

The standard time used all through the country is eight hours before the Universal Time Coordinated. It is called Beijing Time, however not insinuates the Beijing (116.4 E. longitude) close-by time, rather, it is the time taken in Lintong District, Shaanxi Province whose longitude is 116 degrees east, the geometric point of convergence of the country.

Garments standard

How people wear, what they wear can now and again demonstrate a country’s lifestyle to some degree. Like most westerners, Chinese people similarly give cautious thought to their dressing. In traditional festival, they will wear more formal than anticipated. On different occasions, particular styles of pieces of clothing will be dressed. As a less than dependable rule, people are particular about the shade of their dresses.

Twofold Nationality

According to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Nationality, China does not see the twofold nationality for any of its inhabitant. In case a Chinese subject bears another citizenship of a remote country, the Chinese citizenship he has will be therefore invalid.

Light Festival

Light Festival

English Media

There are different ways to deal with know the country well, for instance, through TV, every day paper, radio and web, all of which are English-adjustment available.

Events in China

The all inclusive community events Chinese acknowledge now fuse the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival, the Qingming Festival, the May Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-fall Festival and the National Day. In the midst of these days, numerous people might need to have a not too bad rest or go voyaging. The Spring Festival and the National Holiday, these two ‘Splendid Weeks’, are the zenith times for explorer transport, as in the midst of these time spans, Chinese will go for family get-together or voyaging, so you should avoid these days on your course of action to the country.


China is an astounding area. The bewildering scene will totally wonderment you and make you can’t stop snapping the shade. As in all countries, there are certain military/sensitive domains where pictures are denied. These reaches are clearly checked.

Weights and Measures

In this part, you will end up plainly familiar with the metric structure, including the units of weights and measures.

Grasp Chinese Children

The Adoption Law of the People’s Republic of China empowers qualified untouchables to grasp Chinese children developed under 14 years old.


Man, go different countries to visit to know the unknown, wonder .to see the unseen. If you know about China wonder.

    • Full name: The people’s Republic of China.
    • Chinese name:中华人民共和国
    • Population: 1.4 billion, a largest populated country in the world.
    • Capital city: Beijing.
    • Area:9,600,000 SQ km  or 3,706,580 sq miles,4th biggest country
    • Location: middle and east Asia

Seas: South China Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea

  • Climate: Monsoon Climate.
  • Province: Total 34
  • Religion: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, and Catholicism.

 Basic china travel tips and guidance:

china travel tips

China airport check post


  • Bags and Baggage: Your bags should not exceed  50 kilograms and size is 16*24*39 inches. China bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all flights. China does not allow Portable charger in  air crafts. You can not carry any types of liquid with you but one can carry his/her pets.


  • Entry regulation of China: Keep your passport and visa with you all time. After Checking you, They will provide you an Entry card, You must keep it carefully. You can drive your car in China. If you feel uneasy and become sick you should report to the proper department.


  • Exit regulation of China: When your departure, Foreigner should you should foForeigner should exit with their valid passport, visa, credentials and others document. Travelers can buy and carry product from China. But any harmful thing is not permitted. There are two channels in China Custom- green and red. If you have nothing to declare take the green, otherwise take the red. One can keep $5000 or 20000CNY. If you hide any declaration, you might be punished.


china travel tips; Money saving tips

  • Take advantage of low season discount, Prices in China is higher during peak travel periods and holidays. You can easily save money visiting during low season and the season is from mid-November to March.


  • Spend less time in big cities: If you don’t like the crowd and want to save money you should go far away from cities.Because prices of all things in big cities is higher.


  • Take a train, not plan: Many travelers choose to train to reach destinations.Because the price of train ticket is very low while plan ticket is high. By thus you can save your hotel money, as there is a sleeping system in train at night.


Be strategic with cash and cards: Money exchange rate in China airport is very bad. You should avoid it. From your hotel, China bank, ATM booth you can get a friendly offer.


  • Chose activities wisely: Many tourist attraction offers different tickets. Chose one and enjoy it.


Always for china travel tips while you are in China






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