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Where is Maldives

Tourist places in Maldives where you can find beauty of heaven

Tourist places in Maldives are very nice, attractive. People will find no other places as nice as Maldives is. The whole country is a tourist attraction,  but there are many several places where tourist likes to visit because of its beauty

Unrivaled indulgence, astonishing white-sand shorelines, and a staggering submerged world settle on the Maldives an unquestionable choice for a real event of a lifetime.

Phenomenal Beaches

The Maldives is home to perhaps the best shorelines on the planet; they’re on for all intents and purposes each one of the country’s right around 1200 islands and are so dependably glorify that it’s hard not to wind up smooth about them. While a few shorelines may brag milder granules than others, the fundamental truth remains: you’ll find dependably more white than-white powder sand and brilliant cyan-blue water like this no place else on earth. This reality alone is adequate to bring over a million people a year to this minor, remote and for the most part, little-known Indian Ocean paradise.

Why I Love Tourist places in Maldives?


I at first went to the Maldives with no imagined that it was so remarkable to the struggling leftovers of the world, how fragile or testing life gives off an impression of being here defenseless before the sea, with so couple of benefits locally open. I immediately confined a commitment to respect and family relationship with the all inclusive community who make these frosty coral islands home. It’s such a coherent irregularity, to the point this is similar where to find a bit of the world’s most extravagant hotel properties, and this is a secret – among various – that I continue appreciating each time I return to this astounding, stunning country.

Resorts are main Tourist places in Maldives.

Each resort in the Maldives is its own particular private island, and with more than 100 to investigate the primary issue is picking where you have to remain. At the best end, the world’s most prohibitive cabin brands battle with each other to accomplish always unmistakable statues of luxury, from singular head workers and private lap pools to in-room back rubs and pad menus. It’s not astonishing that honeymooners and those searching for a breathtaking tropical getaway have long had the country at the most astounding purpose of their arrangements of things to get. Regardless, there’s choice past the five-and six-star resorts. Diverse islands give sustenance to families, for jumpers, for those on a (relative) spending design, and anyone requiring a quiet back-to-nature experience.

Tourist places in Maldives are appropriate for Self-sufficient Travel

Over the latest couple of years, these incomprehensible islands have finally started to open to independent pilgrims, which implies you never again need to stay in resorts and stay detached from the close-by people, something that has kept explorers away for a significantly long time. Intrepid individuals would now have the capacity to make their own specific timetables and go from island to island by open ship, staying among the impassioned however kind close-by masses. With a rapidly creating number of subtly run guesthouses on possessed islands, the Maldives and its kinfolk are right now more accessible than whenever in late memory.

Submerged World special

With a segment of the best diving and snorkeling on the planet, the sensible waters of theTourist places in Maldives  are a magnet for anyone with an eagerness for marine life. The sumptuousness and combination are astounding; amazing coral dividers, famous gives in and schools of marvelously shaded tropical fish expect you when you get down to the reef. In more significant waters sneak manta shafts, turtles, sharks and even the world’s greatest fish, the whale shark. The best piece? The water is so warm numerous people don’t wear a wetsuit.

10.Utheemu Ganduvaru:

Tourist places in Maldives

beautiful nature

A historical residence where Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan lived. It is to the Northern part of the island. Sultan was one of the famous heroes in Maldives. He earned high respects from the Maldivians because of his heroic actions against the Portuguese to save his people.

9.Biyadhoo Island Resort:


One of the calm beaches of Maldives. It is a peaceful resort and one of the best Tourist places in Maldives. PADI Dive Center. This center offers a variety of water sports from diving, snorkeling, and others. There are more than 35 diving spots available in the area where the traveler can dive at their own will without any risk. Are you looking for a silent place to pass your time according to your will, Biyadhoo is the perfect place for you. With good accommodation, dining and other facilities it is definitely an ideal place for travelers.

8.Hukuru Miskiiy(Old Florida Mosque):


It is the only the oldest mosque that can be found on this island. The interior portion of this mosque is superb, walls which are made of coral with carvings of different kinds of pattern and Arabic scripts is really remarkable. It also houses tombs which have been carrying the memories of Sultans, heroes, and nobles.

7.National Museum:


This museum is in Male, the capital city of Maldives. The building houses a lot of historical artifacts which reflects the history of the country. The original was three story museum that is the only remaining part of the Maldivian Royal Palace. Chinese Government has designed the new Museum.

6.HP  Reef is one of the most popular Tourist places in Maldives

Tourist places in Maldives

HP Reef

If you like sites for diving Hp reef will be the best place for you. In this place, you can explore different kinds of superb coral reef formations and colorful fish underwater. This area is the marine protected area. If you search for a close encounter with numerous marine animals and plants beneath the deep blue see this place will best for you.

Tourist places in Maldives; 5. Banana Reef:


The Banana Reef is one of the best tourists places in Maldives. Banana Reef is the most sought out diving site in Maldives. It is called Banana Reef because its shape is like a banana extends 300  meters from the south. Major features of the reef are the marine life where Napolean Wrasse, Moray Eels, and rare Bannerfish you can find. In plenty number of different colors, size fishes give Banana Reef a reputation as one of the best dive site in the world.

4.Manta Point:

It is one of the best Tourist places in Maldives. Manta Point is a diving area fro where you can enjoy seeing a large number of manta rays being fade and cleaned by wrasses. This place is very colorful.

3.Alimatha Island:

Well-known,  famous and one of the best tourist places in Maldives. It is a complete destination for tourists because it offers world class diving, aquarium-like snorkeling as well as central beach complete with great facilities. The island has a rich green vegetation. Here you can find 5-star hotels.

2.Sun Island Resort and Spa:

Exotic tropical flowers, beautiful greenery and stunning lagoon in Sun Island will capture your heart. It is the most luxurious resort in Maldives with villa hotel that offers modern comfort with great facilities.

1.Bluetribe Moofushi:

Maldives attraction

Maldives attraction

It is the top tourist places in Maldives. Moofushi diving center offers differents kinds of water activities suck as windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, riding on catamarans and many more activities. It also offers to see the whale, sharks, manta ray and lot of fish from the shore. Maldives will definitely give you a unforgetful vacation of a lifetime.

Old mosque

change and Quranic content have been carved. Visitors wishing to see inside ought to get assent from an expert of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. A vast part of the staff are specialists of the administration, regardless, and in case you are respectful and sharp looking they will conventionally give you approval to enter the mosque on the spot.

In spite of the way that a repulsive cautious wrinkled press sheet now covers the housetop and a bit of the dividers, this is up ’til now a captivating spot. Within is brilliant and truly prevalent for its fine complete work and explain woodcarvings. One long board, cut in the thirteenth century, perceives the colleague of Islam with the Maldives.

The mosque depended on the foundations of an old haven that went up against west towards the setting sun, not northwest towards Mecca. In this manner, the admirers need to stand up to the edge of the mosque when they ask – the striped cover, laid at an edge, shows the correct heading. It is a very popular Tourist places in Maldives.

Dismissing the mosque is the solid, round, blue-and-white tower of the munnaaru – the squat minaret. Regardless of the way that it doesn’t look that old, it dates from 1675. To the opposite side of the mosque is a burial ground with many unpredictably cut tombstones. Stones with balanced tops are for females, those with pointy tops are for folks and those featuring gold-plated lettering are the graves of past sultans. The little structures are family tombs and their stone dividers are complicatedly cut. Respectably-dressed non-Muslims are welcome to walk around the dedication stop; you don’t require assent for this.

Hammerhead point

Otherwise called Rasdhoo Madivaru, Hammerhead Point is an all the more requesting plunge on an external reef where hammerhead sharks, mantas and other extensive pelagics are visit guests. Outside this reef the profundity drops quickly to more than 200m and the water is incredibly evident. Hammerhead plunges for the most part begin before day break, plummeting by around 6am to have the most obvious opportunity with regards to detecting these unbelievable animals.

Tourist places in Maldives attract all the people of the world.






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