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Nepal hiking tours

Nepal Hiking tours information make your travel easy

Nepal hiking tours information for travelers to make a trip to Nepal. At first, travelers should know about Nepal’s culture, demography, tourist attractionsmanner etiquette, foods climate accommodations, and transportation, then they should make a trip.Every thriling person who like countries to visit  should make a tour in Nepal

About Nepal hiking tours

The official name is the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlock Himalayan country in south Asia surrounded by China and India. Nepal is divided into 7 provinces. Its total area is 147,181 km2  and living 26,494,504 people in Nepal. Official Language is Nepali. Currency is Nepalese rupee(NRP). Kathmandu is the biggest and capital city of Nepal. People of Nepal are very friendly with the travelers. The great mountain Himalaya which is more famous more than Nepal;  is in Nepal.

Geography pattern is main attraction of Nepal hiking tours

Nepal has five climate zone. Its temperature is very low due do the great Himalaya. Nepal is popular to mountaineering as Nepal has some of the top height and challenging mountains in the world, winter is the best season for traveling. The collision between the Indian Sub-continent and Eurasia produced the Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau. The environment of Nepal is very nice and unique.

Transport System for Nepal hiking tours


As Nepal is a hilly and Landlock country there is no sea port, Roads are well but not all place, Train service is very easy in Nepal. Air communication of Nepal is the best in Nepal transport system, as there are 47 airports in Nepal.

Accommodation and money saving tips for Nepal hiking tours

Finding a place to sleep is difficult in Nepal, though some established and star hotels offer to stay there. Price depends on where you are staying. you can pay anything from $ dollars per night in a trekking lodge to more than $400 in a wildlife resort. Guest houses take from $5 to $35 per night. You need not do anything to save your money because all kind of cost in Nepal is very cheap.

Nepal hiking tours is  Popular for many  Tourist Attractions

Himalaya is called the mother of Sea. Beauties of Nepal is very charming. It is very high from the sea level. Kathmandu Valley, Boudhanath,  Pashupatinath Temple, Annapurna Massif, Chitwan National Park, Thamel, Phewa Lake, Annapurna Circuit, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Sanctuary, Machapuchare, Khumbu,  Kala Patthar, Poon Hill are main attraction In Nepal. Hope Nepal hiking tours was helpful to you.

The Fast Facts About Nepal hiking tours

Money: Nepalese Rupee (NPR) (current change standard)

Power: 220V/60Hz (different connections as they have retrofitted many to fit American and European fittings. Be wary of associating with some electrical contraptions as the U.S. continues running at 120V).

Basic Airports: Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM)

Water: Not ensured. Drink bundled, or consider the advantages of a SteriPen or LifeStraw for your trek.

Web Situation: Kathmandu and Pokhara have expansive access to web shops stacked with PCs. There are also diners and bistros in both of these fundamental urban groups that offer free WiFi. The web is normal in both of these especially guest overpowering urban groups. You can do most anything you need to on the web, exchanging information, photos, messages. Video calls likely just in the more noteworthy urban territories. Outside of Pokhara and Kathmandu, it’s sensible for non-existent. Past the web, it’s the nonappearance of relentless power that will ruin your plans. You have to meticulously plan your web time in the event that you’re keeping up a business, you will point of fact need to buy a SIM with data as a fortification.

Neighborhood SIM: Travelers can without quite a bit of an extend purchase a SIM card and furthermore data. Besides, it’s exceptionally sensible. Read this SIM card coordinate for tips on the most capable technique to get one, how to top up, and what that whole strategy will take after.

Visas for Nepal hiking tours: Nepal issues visas on arriving for nationals of by and large countries. These can be gotten for 15, 30, or 90 days and range from $25 to $100. Check your visa essentials here. You ought to bring an ID measured photo, or stay in line and pay for one when you arrive. Volunteers in certainty require a visa engineered by the place they are working with as volunteering on an explorer visa is expressly unthinkable, however harder for them to actualize.

Festivities of Note: Phalgun Festivals, Kathmandu (Feb/March). Dashain, across the nation (September/October). Indra Jatra, Kathmandu (September).

Prosperity: One of the most broadly perceived issues going up against voyagers is gastrointestinal issues. There is astoundingly poor sanitation in Nepal so you ought to be wary of your support and water use. You ought to pass on a remedial pack; guarantee you have a couple of courses of immunizing agents poisons and furthermore a not all that terrible supply of oral rehydration salts. These ORS can save your life by virtue of diarrheal ailment. Anything can happen all over the place. I am a firm supporter of travel insurance; here are my tips to pick a better than average travel assurance.

Money solution for Nepal hiking tours: Nepal is incredibly spending arrangement warm and pitiful to travel. Climbing and trekking will incorporate a couple of expenses, however even those are sensible. An execution voyager can imagine outright base spending design of $15 consistently if going around. On the off chance that you’re volunteering some consistently rates are in the $10-15 consistently territory to cover support and board. Some extra money related arrangement goes far here and you can climb to charming tunnels and eat reasonable food on just $30 consistently per person when you are not trekking. When you incorporate trekking charges, that gets more. Gage however — it’s pitiful. You can scale up and have an astoundingly better than average couple trip too, like this woman did.

Right when to Go for Nepal hiking tours: You’ll need to outline your visit around your orchestrated activities. On the off chance that you’re climbing, the trails are closed in the midst of tempest season, which continues running from June through August. Trekking season is September through May. Reap time and spring are awesome; rich and green in the fall and blooming and cool in the spring. Winter can be icy at stature, yet is great in the Kathmandu Valley.

Sustenance Considerations: Vegetarians will love experiencing Nepal in light of the fact that the national dish, dal bhat, is lentil soup and for the most part gave rice and veggies. Alerted nonetheless, don’t be deceived into trusting that the sustenance resembles India — there is impressively less variety and the Nepalese do eat meat (unlike a substantial bit of India). The Tibetan momos (dumplings) are impressive and a staple of any veggie darling keep away from sustenance in Nepal. In like manner, various voyagers get gastrointestinals issues as there is incredibly poor sanitation. Keep up a vital separation from unpeeled verdant sustenances. If its all the same to you constantly sanitize your water, and take after these food prosperity benchmarks.

Comfort: Nepal has an enormous extent of decisions. From decrepit, basic spaces for pioneers to fundamentally more charming hotels. Moreover, even some eco-lodges and fun things like treehouses and such. While the associations in city coordinates underneath go to a hotel booking site, many are in like manner found on AirBnB in case you are part. (A Little Adrift perusers get a $20 AirBnB credit here to give it a go.) For explorers, Hostelworld is perfect for pre-booking hotels; in high season the more noteworthy towns book up speedy. Consider Agoda for inspecting lodgings as it’s remarkable among different regions for Asia voyages. Also, in case you buy an area SIM (which you should), you can without a doubt call ahead and particularly spare spots in transit. Motel proprietors are frequently on Whatsapp, and you ought to use that if endeavoring to get a fast response in-country. If none of these will do, take a gander at my organized manual for finding awesome spots to remain.

Transportation: Transportation between urban groups is definitely not hard to create and shows up as transports. In the event that you’re swoon of heart, don’t look as the vehicles reel around twists and the rusting collections of various transports recognize the base of the slants. The vehicles are the essential sort of transportation, however Nepal has honest to goodness establishment issues so be vigilant. However, the vehicles are convincing and they’re in every way that really matters the principle spending elective. In later years, there has been a climb in scaled down scale transports of 10-12 people — all the more yet likely fairly more secure. On the off chance that you’re in a social event, it’s truly sensible to utilize a private driver or taxi for longer detachments. Bicycle and taxicabs are great for investigating around Kathmandu.

Possible Issues: Women should not trek alone in Nepal, not under any conditions. Keep running with a guide, or use a one of the mate trek goals to find a trekking associate. Be particularly careful as a woman moving in the Langtang area. Transportation issues are a honest to goodness prosperity peril. Torrential slides and road incidents are high all through the whole year, yet particularly in the midst of the late spring rainstorm deluges. I extremely propose travel security as restorative administrations quality is low and you’ll likely ought to be transported out of Nepal if something bona fide happens.





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