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Travel Destination in USA is more gorgeous

The United States is a country where people who like countries to visit want to go every year. The U.S. is a vast country having 50 states including Alaska as well as Hawaii. Major Atlantic Coast cities are New York; global finance and culture center, Capital City Washington D.C., Chicago; famous for influential architecture.


On the west coast Los Angeles’s Hollywood area which is famous for film making. Top tourist attractions are Walt Disney World, Yellowstone National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Time Square, Hollywood, and others.


Most popular and visited entertainment complex in Florida near Orlando and Kissimmee. About 52 million people visit this resort each year. The Magic Kingdom is a theme Park at World Disney resort. The park represents Cinderella Castle following by the fairy of tale castle in 1950 film. Epcot is another popular attraction in this complex. This represents human achievement; technological innovation, are international culture and permanent world fair. Tara is divided into two sections- Future World; nations having eight pavilions, and world Showcase havNations theme.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is also very popular in Disney Walt World, Lake including six theme area- Hollywood Boulevard, ELake, Muppet country and, Pixar Place, Animation country and and Sunset Boulevard. Disney animal kingdom is another zoological theme park in Disney Walt World. This park has six area too – Discovery Island, Africa, Asia and Dino Land U.S.A. The Discovery Island is in the center of the Park. Africa is one of the unique areas of the park. This area contains several animals exhibits such as black and white Colobus monkeys, Gerenuks, gorilla, hippos, Kenyan sand boas, kori bustards, meerkats, naked mole-rats, okapis, tarantulas, and yellow-backed duikers. Typhoon Lagoon is most attractive are

  • Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool
  • Bay Slides
  • Blustery Bay
  • Whitecap Cove
  • Learn to Surf


countries to visit

Niagara is a famous waterfall in the world between Canada and U.S.A. border. More specifically it is between Ontario and New York border, here are totally three waterfalls- Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridals falls. The horseshoe falls 190 feet and width is 2600feet. While American Falls drop average 90 feet and width is 1060 feet.  The annual flow rate is 85,000 per second and during peak season it rises 225,000 cubic feet per second. Wisconsin glaciation about 10,000 years ago created Niagara. This also created North American Great Lake and Niagara River.

Ships can bypass Niagara Falls through  Welland Canal. The city of Ontario and New York city are connected  by two international bridge -Rainbow and Whirlpool Bridge, there are two airports too and tower to see the falls from top



A major commercial intersection, tourist destination, entertainment center and a most visiting spot in the USA. Time Square is also called the center of Universe, the Heart of great White Way. It is also the hub of the Broadway Theater district for all entertainment industry. Annually 50 million visitors come here. New Year celebration in Time Square is the biggest celebration center in the world, about 1 million people gather here. Here is a New Year Eve ball drop. Different company displays their banner ads in Time Square.



Central Park of USA is the second visited destination in New York, 40 million people visit here each year. This Park is National Historic Landscape since 1962. Victorian Garden is the main attraction of Central Park. Bethesda Terrace and Fountain offers to overlook The Lake in New York City’s Central Park. The fountain is in the center of the terrace. Burnett Memorial Fountain is an outdoor bronze sculpture which serves as a memorial to Frances Hodgson. Wollman Rink is a popular ice rink in Central Park.


Famous and beautiful tourist attraction in the USA, well known for the concentration of resort hotels and casinos. It is 4.2 miles in length, in La Vegas City. Most visible aspects of Las Vegas’ cityscape is its use of dramatic architecture and lights at night. The skyline and constant modernization of hotels, casinos, restaurants, and entertainment offerings on the Strip, have established it as one of the most popular destinations for tourists in both the United States and the world.


countries to visit

Golden Gate Park is a large urban park consisting of 1017 acres of public grounds in San Francisco, California. Due to the unique climate of San Francisco and Golden Gate Park plants in the botanical garden range from a variety of national origin. This Botanical Garden represents China, Europe, and Mexico. Strawberry Hill is a very nice place in this park. This Hill offers to see the major portion of San Fransisco from it’s top area. There is also an electric fountain that looks very nice. Shakespeare is the best nice place in this garden. Golden Gate Park contains many areas for  recreation including tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, lawn bowling fields, a golf course, horseshoe pits, an archery range, the pol and Kezar Stadium



Death Valley is a very hot, low and dry in the earth. The whole place is very rough. Visitors come here to feel the lonely vastness of the valley. It is 156 miles long from north to south. Telescope Peak is the height peak in this Park. It is 11,049 feet high from sea level.


1. Asheville, North Carolina

2017 sees one of the USA’s most shifted and creative minimal urban groups step undauntedly into the national spotlight. Asheville welcomes everyone with open arms and has been cautiously creating as a haven for innovative spirits for an impressive time allotment. More than 200 pros show off their items in the River Arts District and the amazing number of forte blends and spirits made locally consolidate charmingly with the support served up by the city’s different James Beard-named gourmet specialists. The French Broad River offers a respite from the bleeding edge world, paying little mind to whether you have to float, paddle, or kayak a long way from human headway and the verdant establishment for these delights, the Blue Ridge Mountains, are as of late holding up to be examined.

2. Western Washington

More than 25 years after the weird TV sensation Twin Peaks planted the prominent scenes of Western Washington into standard discernment, the course of action is making a bounce back. The region’s dim mountains and evergreen boondocks are set to welcome another time of voyagers in 2017; David Lynch fans will have the ability to look at taping territories in the neighborhoods of Snoqualmie and North Bend, and also use the range as a springboard for other Washingtonian brilliance spots, for instance, Mt Rainier National Park or the estate to-table restaurants of the San Juan Islands. Meanwhile, new social examples are deceiving people to Seattle as it pushes the envelope with early pot shops, innovative little scale refineries and a creating inclination for make juice.

3. Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln flies up amidst a sea of prairie grass and corn, offering a fix of astounding sparkle. Take downtown’s Haymarket District, where to a great degree old piece appropriation focuses hold current workmanship shows (especially joyful in the midst of First Friday Artwalks), hip strong point shops (like Licorice International, the USA’s most noteworthy chewy treat retailer) and an astonishing Saturday agriculturists’ market. The University of Nebraska’s 25,000 understudies advance a fresh vibe, cycling the city’s 130 miles of trails and celebrating in its unrecorded music clubs. Gatherings of Vietnamese, Sudanese and diverse ethnicities similarly add to the mix, due to Lincoln’s long history of resettling uprooted individuals. The action increment in 2017 as Nebraska compliments its 150th remembrance, and Lincoln, the state capital, has parades and social affairs to stamp the occasion.

4. California’s Low Desert

Some place down in Southern California’s spurn, the Coachella Valley’s reliably been hot, yet nowadays there’s glow – and cool – that hasn’t been felt since it was the Rat Pack’s play region. A mid-century current vibe overwhelms Palm Springs, the valley’s standard town, in hip new (and as of late hip) lodgings, dashingly restored rental homes, twice-yearly Modernism Week festivities and vintage stores which help you – and your home – appear as though it at not-precisely bargain costs. Travelers and shake climbers can go wild on the Palm Springs Aerial Tram or amidst the lunar scenes of neighboring Joshua Tree National Park. By then there’s a little music festivity called Coachella, and the splendid Salvation Mountain, an oddball, interlaced painted slant climbing from the desert floor.

5. Montana’s Flathead Valley

Huge sky, tremendous mountains, colossal bears. This gigantic tract of northwestern Montana, just west of the Continental Divide and heavenly Glacier National Park, typifies ‘the West’ in all its prominence. The scale is so colossal, we should give fairly perspective: even the little-known “Influence” (Bob Marshall Wilderness domain) is enormous. Frankly, 67,000 segments of land were incorporated 2015 making it one of the greatest wild domains in the lower 48. The national stop’s frosty masses are contracting – some gage they’ll generally vanish by 2020 – yet moving through meadows of wildflowers to ocean green/blue lakes, backdropped by frigid apexes, is backwoods paradise. Whatever the season, the town of Whitefish is a commonly cool base, comparatively welcoming to climbers, bikers (both the spandex and Harley Davidson grouping) and après-skiers.

6. Atlanta, Georgia

It ought not stun anybody that Atlanta, home to the busiest plane terminal on the planet, is a city advancing. The opening of a best in class stadium in 2017 passes on a Major League Soccer gathering to the starting at now wears wild eyed capital; The BeltLine, Atlanta’s answer for NYC’s High Line, incorporates a truly important walkability factor to the movement snarled city; and East Atlanta and enveloping neighborhoods are in the midst of an impact, presenting cool blend bars and creative restaurants. From the epic Living Walls dare to the whimsical Tiny Doors foundations, the adjacent craftsmanship scene gives a world-class association. Hit appears, for instance, Atlanta and The Walking Dead are taped here also, winning the city another sobriquet: Hollywood of the South.

7. The Adirondacks, New York

New York has its tall structures, without question. Regardless, it’s upstate in the Adirondacks where the vistas are truly worth million-dollar postings, with 42 best more than 4000ft, streams and lakes flooding with fish, and woods so significant and diminish Sasquatch (also called ‘Bigfoot’) sightings aren’t uncommon. Get an eagle’s-eye point of view of the forested areas shade in Tupper Lake with a walk around the Wild Center’s new type of an arboreal High Line, or use pedal vitality to progress among Saranac and Lake Clear by rail bike, on a starting late changed over stretch out of plan tracks. In the winter, agreeable up to incredible stacks in Gilded Age ‘unprecedented camps’ (constraining log hotels) or keep warm at the Winter Olympic workplaces in Lake Placid.

8. Texas Hill Country’s wine locale

Texas may not be the essential spot you consider with respect to wine, yet the Lone Star State is doing its darnedest to make a bit of the best varietals in America outside of the west float. Numerous wineries sprinkle the properly named Hill Country, with Fredericksburg at the epicenter of the extending scene. A wander along the Wine Road 290 reveals a striking extent of Malbecs, Cabernets and Tempranillos served up in best in class tasting rooms. Incline Country appreciates a hootenanny, and the year’s most prominent events solidify mind boggling wine with rockabilly beats and a side of brisket (you’re in Texas everything considered). It justifies masterminding a trek to Dripping Springs’ Wine and Food Festival and the Kerrville Folk Festival.

9. Denver, Colorado

Home of the rough looking and the buff, Denver’s aspen-tinged fascinate has never been more significant. The puzzle is out: sufficient light, a packaging takes a shot at each corner and an unending supply of adrenaline-ending fun are fuelling the Rocky Mountain surge. Likewise, those raised snow topped summits aren’t the principle highs around the neighborhood fixed up Union Station is at the center of new progressions like the Ski Train, which in 2017 will whisk skiers manage from downtown to Winter Park’s fine euphoria. Hurl a vivacious economy in with the general jumble, and you get taught ranges like RiNo (River North) and LoHi (Lower Highlands), where you can recharge your calories in direct sustenance promote anterooms, bookended by show hopping and a night out with some rootsy, denim-clad rockers.

10. Florida’s Emerald Coast

Beforehand named the ‘Redneck Riviera’, this 100-mile reach out of sugar-fine sand and beachfront towns on Florida’s once-neglected northern Gulf float has gone support. To be sure, even celebs, for instance, Sandra Bullock and Tony Romo visit the shorelines now insinuated as the Emerald Coast, and the rich and acclaimed are believing nobody else gets touch of their sensible however dynamically elegant cut of oceanfront Old South. In any case, starting late budgetary pros have sniffed out the salty Shangri La and its flavorful shellfish; new condo suites and motels, including the zone’s underlying five-star property, Henderson Beach Resort, are shooting up along the float, and the town of Seaside – or ‘Seahaven’, as found in The Truman Show – is an eco-pleasing, 80-area of land dream now inspected in designing schools.









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