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countries to visit United State travel guidance

United States is the most attractive countries to visit. The U.S. is the most talked,expected and beautiful country.

countries to visit

Statue of Liberty

This country is at top of science,wealth, development. United States of America is a country where you will find beauty,diversity. After all, in this country you can enjoy thunderous spectacles  of Niagara Falls, Black Hills of South Dakota and cruise  along Pacific Coast. The US’s  man-made landscapes are very beautiful like natural beauties. New York  boasts some of very attractive skyscrapers, though  the skyline of Chicago, La and Vegas are  very attractive.

American people are also the same diverse. The country is a fertile land of cultures. Generations of immigrants shaped the national identity  in everything such from food,language,dress to music,manners etc. The glorious East Coast  is a very impressive place.Above these location has made America one of the most countries to visit.

In case there’s one reliable about the USA, it’s change. The country’s pioneer soul is reflected in its solid point of view and frequently propelling nature, which connects with all edges of the land, from the flickering tall structures of New York to star-inundated Hollywood – and even past, to the chief human touching base on the moon. Here are 18 things you need to know to examine (and survive) the USA.

1. The US is huge – 3.8 million square miles colossal

To put it into flying-time perspective: it takes for the most part a comparable time – give or take a hour – to fly from NYC to LA or to London. Also, two-hour consistently drives? Absolutely normal.

2. It’s the United States of America – recall there are fifty of them

Is it called pop, pop or pop? A cable car sandwich, hoagie, holy person or processor? Depends whereupon state you’re from. Regional differentiations over the US extend to underlines, sustenance, drink, laws and authoritative issues. It’s little contemplate one of the New York Times’ most-scrutinized features was about explanation.

3. Everything’s open without stopping for even a minute, in case you know where to look

The excited beast of business ensures that you can apparently find an all the live long day joint willing to satisfy your necessity for a 2am Slurpee, a 3am Double Quarter Pounder (see Supersize It!, underneath) and a 5am Venti with quintuple espresso shots and a caramel sprinkle – especially in the gigantic urban territories. While experiencing humbler urban groups and natural zones, you’ll need to get ready for earlier closing circumstances or keep a sharp post for the odd 24-hour café.

4. The country’s national parks are stunning

The US’s national parks – which cover 84 million segments of land over each state – can attest various superlatives: The most insignificant point in the Western Hemisphere (Death Valley California); the most bewildering point in North America (Mount McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska); the longest surrender structure on the planet (Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky); and the greatest gypsum sand ascends on the planet (White Sands National Monument, New Mexico).

5. There’s a festival for everything: roadkill, parasite, garlic – et cetera

America is where there is impossible to miss and heavenly festivals, from the Chainsaw Carving Festival (Pennsylvania) to the Testicle Festival (Montana). Also, some place down in the heartland, state fairs are their own particular phenomenal picture of odd, where you can test fundamentally everything seared: Twinkies, spread, pig ears, White Castle burgers, bubblegum, Kool Aid and blend…

6. Americans are perseveringly neighborly

Nevertheless, that can be more a technique for correspondence than a character property. A chirpy “How are you?” isn’t generally proposed to be answered. Likewise, the inescapable “have an average day!” is frequently just one more technique for saying bye-bye (and possibly tolerating a touch higher tip… ).

7. Discussing tips, Americans give them out generously

Definitively: Tipping is absolutely purposeful. Casually: 15% to 20% in diners is the standard, given that most minimal pay allowed by law is low, and tipping adjusts for this.

8. You can essentially Supersize It!

Not solely does fast food still overpower enormous tracts of the culinary scene, yet it has offered climb to such rationally animating articulations as, “Supersize it!” “Where’s the meat?” and “Do you require fries with that?” When being referred to, say yes. All that expressed, Americans work out with ascend to power – the US dependably beat the summary of countries that movement the most.

9. In any case, the US in like manner surpasses desires at furiously innovative, gourmet cooking…

San Francisco and New York routinely show up on the best records for number of Michelin stars, and VIP culinary pros coordinate Hollywood distinction, with gigantic names like Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Anthony Bourdain and Rachael Ray producing blended media domains, with numerous diners, books, TV shows, films to say the least.

10. New York is not the point of convergence of the universe

Unless you’re chatting with a New Yorker, in which case it is.

11. Los Angeles is not the point of convergence of the universe

12. Common speculations prosper

The laidback Californian? The “welcome, y’all” Southerner? The persevering New Yorker? As demonstrated by an examination declared by Time magazine, yes, yes and yes. The examination segregated the US into three key regions: the New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, which were named “unpredictable and uninhibited;” the South and Midwest, called “friendly and conventional;” and the West Coast, Rocky Mountains and Sun Belt – “easygoing and innovative.”

dairy steers at point buchon trail13. Montana has three crease the quantity of dairy creatures as it people groups

The east and west floats get a critical piece of the thought, yet the US’s moving inside incorporates ocean measured breadths of farmland. In a couple of circles, it’s called “flyover country” for the reasons you’d think.

14. The US doesn’t use the wonderfully sensible metric structure like whatever is left of the world

Stature is measured in feet; football fields in yards; expels in miles. Disregarding the way that the “usage of the metric system has been approved by law in the US since 1866” according to the CIA site, endless use has been direct, without a doubt. The US isn’t through and through alone: two distinct countries moreover don’t use the metric structure – Myanmar and Liberia.

15. America’s auto culture is unrivaled

A quintessential American issue? Throttling down the road, the breeze in your air and the road ribboning behind you. Disregarding the way that the country’s auto culture has slowed down since its prime in the ’50s and Mustang-period ’60s, the auto is so far the staggering force in transport – and soaks every part of culture, including music: Life is a Highway, Route 66, Born to be Wild, Pink Cadillac, and so forth.

16. Baseball is America’s pastimeThe rest of the world has soccer. America has baseball. In the midst of baseball season – April to September – there are couple of more model American experiences than giving a yell out to your most adored gathering (go, Yankees!) under the warm spring sunlight, getting a charge out of a wiener and blend (or five).

17. By and large, the US is just a little kid

Neighborhood Americans arrived more than a thousand years back, however the advancement of the United States is just a few hundred of years old – the US complimented 239 years on July 4, 2015.

18. The American Dream is so far going strong

No, the avenues aren’t cleared with the gold however the trust in the American Dream? Up ’til now going strong (especially if your last name is Rockefeller).



Christopher  Columbus  reached North America in 1492. Following him, the European – mainly English, French, Dutch  came here  by the 17th century. The American War ended  colonial rule by 1853. The main boundaries of America were without Alaska, as they are today. Economic activities of southern part of USA was agriculture. For this, Southern part opposed to end slavery and election of  Lincoln to the presidency in 1861 resulted in the American Civil War. France helped the USA to gain freedom. After four years of  bloody fighting  the more powerful union banned slavery in USA and entered a  era of consolidation, building up and industrial economy.The mid-and late 19th century also developed foreign policy.

In Europe, US intervention in 1918  proved decisive for the Allies and signalled of USA as a Global super power. Economy of USA became the World’s leading because of it’s free market economics policy and innovative  production methods. USA entered World War II and  had developed  nuclear weapons and became a super power nation all over the world.


Though USA is a very diversity country,majority people of this country are Protestant about 51.3% with Roman Catholic, Mormon,Jewish and many ethnic minorities. But 12.1% of people declare themselves no affiliation.

Social Conventions: Americans are very famous because of their openness and friendliness to visitors. For this reason people who like countries to visit , go USA to know it’s society, beauty, science and others. Hands shaking  is a common form of greeting. There need be no fear of offending anyone of any background to behave with native Americans,as there is no hard and fast rules of courtesy. People like casual dress,but  high end restaurants, hotels and clubs may required more formal attire. Smoking is unpopular in US, you need permission before lighting up. If you observe the fundamental rules of USA, there need be no fear of offending anyone on any background. Smoking in public places, transports are forbidden in many states.


Best time to visit: The weather of United State is very nice. Because of it’s nice weather man who like countries to visit come in USA. Best time of visit depends on location and season. The weather in USA remains cool in spring(March,April,May) and autumn (June, July and August). The Southern part of the country is warmer than Northern part. The general climate of the USA  is temperate, but Hawaii is tropical and Alaska is arctic. Summer is the peak season for traveling throughout the whole country. Others popular periods are American holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Easter week and school holidays known as  Spring Break.

Required Clothing: As  the USA is a vast country having different types of weather, travelers should plan on clothing.Different part of the country remains different weather. So, take shoes,clothes keep in mind the weather situation of your targeted area.

Geography: Persons who go different countries to visit know the geography position of the USA. The vast USA shares borders with Canada to the North and Mexico to the South. The country has coasts of Atlantic sea , Pacific and Arctic sea,Siberian sea and Mexican Gulf.Alaska, the northwest part of US is not a part of continental US. Canada separated the USA.Similarly Hawaii is not a part 48 states. The third largest country of the world(after Russia and Canada) the USA has a great diversity of geographical features including mountains,plain land and Coastal areas. There are many popular cities and rural areas too.Finally I shall suggest you that people who like countries to visit ,the USA is a perfect place for them.



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