Come out from body live freely

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Come out from body live freely

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Hi ! We are a thrilling team of travel. Travel is our aim and only one interesting job. Our team has visited about 80 countries.  We don’t like to stay at home. nomad life attracts us in all time because we are the worshipper of this heaven planate.  We wish that we did not take life so seriously. We wish we lived more. We wish we gave more happiness to our family. We wish we knew how precious life was, how fleeting, how special and at the same time fragile. We wish we didn’t give up on my dreams so easy. One day life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching. When we look back on our lives in our last breaths. We will all wonder – did my life mean anything?

Was I loved.did I have an impact on anyone else’s life? Did I matter? We won’t be worried about our bills. We won’t be worried about our hair, we certainly won’t care about our favorite TV show. We won’t spend spare a second thought of other opinions and judgments. Did I matter?


Before you reach that last breath, today might be the time to make a change, make your life matter one day it will be over. There will be two dates either side of a dash, make sure the dash is not empty, make sure it is full of life.


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