vacation to France is very amazing

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France tourist attraction

vacation to France is very amazing

Vacation to France is very amazing as it is one of the most countries to visit. Every year 83.5 million tourist visit France. French tourist attraction charms the traveler very much. As a result, travelers come here and enjoy this country. This country is also  tourist friendly and Climate is very healthy

Disneyland,famous France tourist attraction

vacation to france

Theme park in France


It is a perfect place for visiting with children. This place is more popular than any other France tourist attraction. It is a theme area, having ridden in time, in place and in space. Howeve, Disneyland claims something from everyone both young and old. There are many areas like Discovery Arcade, infilm shooting spots. It is divideinto two portions ,these are Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio Park. The Park includes  Fantasy land, Cinderella’s Castle, Main Street USA, Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain. Walt Disney Studios Park is a separate area and to entire each place you must need tickets.Disneyland Paris offers different tickets choice. You can find all kinds of ticket information in here

How to go for  Spending vacation to France?

There are direct train services from London to TGV Station located right at the Disneyland Theme Park. Direct Eurostar  Services generally leaves at 10:15 and takes under 3 hours. It sometimes offers half ticket price by taking an earlier or later. You can book Eurostar ticket from click

You also can  book  hotels near Disneyland Park from here

Getting to Disneyland Park:

  • Distance from Paris city:30 KM by road
  • Location: Marne la Vallée – besides the A4 motorway to the east of Paris
  • Airports: Click for access to Disneyland Park from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

Main Railway Stations:Marne-la-Vallée TGV: on site.
or RER rapid transit rail from central Paris.

When to go: When you want. The busiest period is July and August, during main French Holiday weekends see  France holiday calendar.

 Vacation to France is important for Paris

Paris, Capital city of France, is the most attractive city in Europe. Paris is very friendly for tourist. In Paris, there are some famous Museum, historical sites, beautiful riverscape , historical monuments, cathedrals,chapels and palace. besides those Paris is also Famous for cafes and restaurants, theaters and cinema and general ambiance. One can find thousands of visiting places in Paris. Some of them are given blew:

vacation to France is only for Eiffel Tower: The famous Eiffel Tower in a wonder of the world. It is highly visited architecture allover the world. It is a very beautiful tower. Eiffel Tower is 317 meters high , ismostover 1000 ft. It takes the lift to the top for beautiful panorama of Paris.

The Louvre Museum:

The Louvre is the most famous and visiting museum in the world. The art gallery of Louvre display all famous painter’s painting. The famous Mona Lisa picmost seen painting in Louvre. Louvre remains closed on Tuesday.

Sein river: Paris is located on the bank of seen river. It is a very nice river. There are many offers to make a boat journey on the river.

The Paris Catacomb: There is a whole underground city beneath streets. It was ancient sewerage system and it is now a historical museum. The whole is filled with bones and skeleton of 6 million Parisian.

Notre Dame Cathedral: It is the finest gothic cathedral i9n Europe Here entrance is free. You can Climb the 400 steps to the top of the towers. Near it, there is thirteen centuries royal chapel, La Sainte Chapelle. It has remarkable glass windows. Stay here to pass your vacation to France.

The Arc de Triomphe: It is the largest triumphal arch in the world commissioned by Napoleon. Near it, you must see narrow streets filled with artists round the 19th-century basilica on top of a nice hill.


France tourist attraction

Nice place in France


It is the most visited among France tourist attraction places, after Paris. There are three main attractions-Cathedral. Cathedral is second visited place, mediaevalafter Notre Dame de Paris. Petite France is a medieval house. This place offers to see all branches of river III. Christmas market is another famous place. This market is oldest and historic Christmas Market in Europe. People gather here during whole December. There are much bridges on the river where you can visit on foot and cross the river. City break destination is a very interesting for travelers. The old city is very small. Palais Rohan is a place where you can find many museums.

Access- getting to Strasbourg:

  • By air: Strasbourg, Basel-Mulhouse
    Easyjet and Ryanair flights left  from London
  •  Train: TGV service from Paris, Lyon, and Marseille
  •  Road: 6 hours from Calais,5 hours from Paris,2.30 hours from Frankfurt


  • Region: Alsace
  • Nearby cities: Colmar, in the Rhine valley near France -Germany border.
  • Main sites: Strasbourg Cathedral, the quaint quarter of Petite France, the banks of the river Ill. Strasbourg’s famous Christmas market, the covered Pont Vauban barrage, the museum of modern art, boat trips on the River Island more.
  • Nearby attractions: Alsace vineyards, Colmar, the Vosges mountains, the castle of Haut Koenigsberg



Alsace is a famous France tourist attraction. It is a Germanic area of France. It is near the border of German-France. This place is famous for wine. Here is the famous Christmas market. Alsace attracts people from all Europe. Alsace is also famous for beer and some local foods. Winter is the best time to visit this place. This place holds amazing looks in December and people enjoy Christmas Market. The main attractive place of Alsace is Haut-Koenigsburg, Struthof – , Kintzheim, Colmar, Mulhouse, Bergheim.

How to reach?

  • TGV train from Lyon or Paris Gare de I’Est
  • by motorway from the UK, Holland via Nancy or Luxembourg.
  • From Germany via Kehl
  • Basel-Mulhouse  Euroairport including BA, Swiss and Easyjet airlines.

Accommodation: Hotel Alsace

vacation to france is important for Aquitaine

Aquitaine is the capital city of Bordeaux.Bordeaux is one of the most famous and historical places. You can make a nice cycle journey in Acquittance. Les Landes is a forest area. The whole jungle is covered with pine trees. The jungle is popular with nature lovers, ramblers, and hunters. There are also many seaside resorts. Bordeaux is also a UNESCO world heritage site. St Emillion is a small wine making a city in this region.  Agen is an interesting art gallery. Dordogne area is rich with rivers, small city, and many historical castles. There are many recreation spots such as Arcachon, Atlantic coast, Basque country, Bayonne: musée Bonnat, Dune du Pilat, PauBonaguil, Aquitaine is Sarlat, Among France tourisAquitaine is more popular.

How to go?

 train: TGV train from Paris, Lille, Marseille Toulouse.

 car: From Paris, Channel ports via Rouen and Tours.

By air: to airports at Bordeaux, Bergerac, Pa, and Biarritz – or (peripheral) Toulouse.

Accommodation: Click here



vacation to france is very interesting only for this place

The countryside and scenery are the main attractions. Tourist and visitor will find plenty of sites and sights.St Michel’s chapel and the cathedral of Le Puy en Velay are UNESCO world heritage sights. There are many gardens, theme park, and museums.

Brittany , Best France tourist attraction

The main attractions of Brittany are beaches, coastal walks, harbourrocky shoreline and small fharbor. every place has a cultural value. Mont Saint Michel is a mountain.  Tourists like to visit after Paris because It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Near this place, Saint Malo is also a famous town in Brittany because of its beauties. However, this city grew many centuries year ago. It is on the bank of river Rance. It is also famous for adventurers, spotspirates, Jacques Cartier the man who discovered Canada. spot is really enjoyable from other French tourist attraction. Travelers spend their vacation to France for these place

The Brittany Coast is another popular place and The coastline is 2700km length having a wide sandy beach. At low tide, you can walk to the water edge. Somewhere the coast is rocky with small sandy and inlets. The south coast of Brittany has long sandy beaches and small fishing ports. A visit of Brittany is incomplete without a boat trip. There are many islands where you can make one day trip from nearest ports.

Wherever you go in France, the view appears to have been developed and tempered by the hand of man. It’s as though the land has been formed and trimmed with an impulse for extent. This observed Gallic measure is obvious all over. You’ll be aware of it in Notre-Dame de Paris, Versailles, the place de la Concorde, and the Rouen Cathedral. You’ll feel it in the Champs-Élysées; the Tuileries Gardens; the towers of Chartres; and such chateaux as Vaux-le-Vicomte and Fontainebleu in the Ile-de-France or Chenonceau and Chambord in the Loire Valley. In many places all through the nation, an unerring sens du plastique, or aesthetic sense, has been granted to stone, iron, paint, and glass such that these landmarks still have the power, hundreds of years after they were made, to lift the human soul.

See about France tour helpful tips








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